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Expert du Sportainment. Créateur de Valeur. Conférencier Inspirant. // Sportainment Expert. Value Creator. Engaging Speaker.

It was among the best classes I have ever experienced!

The teaching method is perfect because the professor gives examples of the real world every time.

Félicitations! Vous êtes un prof extra, lâchez pas! Car il manque des profs comme vous, aussi dynamiques et attentifs envers la matière qu’ils enseignent.

Excellent professeur! La direction devrait le prendre comme exemple lors de futures embauches.

Bravo pour votre cours, vous faites tout pour stimuler l’intérêt des étudiants, votre cours est complet et votre manière d’enseigner est excellente et motivante. Félicitations!!

Congratulations and thank you! The students loved you!

Keep up the excellent work Sir! You are doing an amazing job. […] You bring a lot of clear and relevant examples that support the course’s content and help visualize key concepts. Thank you!

I never thought that there was so much behind sports. The teacher certainly has a fun and different way of teaching, you can see he uses his own original yet fascinating techniques.

I really enjoyed the course. The professor is spot on the position. The course is both creative and factual. Makes you think outside the box. I like the idea of bringing up the latest news for each class, and the videos are very helpful for the learning. Overall a very interesting class with a very intellectual professor.

He is doing great for explaining and making the students love the content. I recommend this teacher for everyone, in English or in French!

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